If you get a few minutes, this podcast helps focus the mind.

It’s David Frum of all people.  Our politics don’t match, but that’s the point. We agree that it’s America’s strength that we can listen to each other, disagree, and co-exist in the same political system. We love that about our country, even if we disagree about almost everything else.

Frum says the two main threats from Trump are:

  1. The kleptocracy.
  2. His connection with Russia.

But even those aren’t the big problem. It’s the things he will do to cover them up that are going to destroy the republic if left unchecked.

Therefore he says and I agree the two things we should focus on are:

  1. Demand the release of his tax returns.
  2. Call for a bipartisan investigation into the connection with Russia.

He suggests that the commission be led by Michael Chertoff and Madeleine Albright. A Republican and a Democrat who are widely respected in the US and around the world.

Also it’s important to track progress. When a decision is made on the tax returns or the commission, pass the link around to your social media followers. It’s not as salacious as the latest TrumpTweet, but keeping the pressure up on these two issues keep the process focused on what really matters.

Be inclusive if you want to win

One more thing Frum says, and I totally agree, if you can’t rally with people you disagree with on other issues, then Trump is not your biggest issue.

His example. The Women’s March on January 21 wouldn’t admit pro-life speakers. Pro-life speakers who can’t support Trump? Those are our people. (Note: I am pro-choice.)

That’s probably why we should have had a more general protest, one that didn’t have the conflicts that the Women’s March brought to it. Getting past the Trump crisis is the most important thing right now as far as I’m concerned. We must work with everyone who agrees.

The Daily podcast

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